As soon as your Mortgage Bank files a Lis Pendens the Clock Starts Ticking.

It is only a matter of time until your house gets sold at auction. It may take years but it may take only months…

Your Lawyer can help you in a limited way that does not solve all of your problems.

Lawyers help prolong the misery. They can file for Bankruptcy on your behalf but that only pushes back the clock on the inevitable. Your house will be sold at public auction. If that happens you lose all your Equity in your home.

We can help. We can help STOP The Foreclosure right now. is a Team of Cash Investors, Real Estate Brokers & Attorneys with over 50 Years Experience in Pre Foreclosures. Don’t Wait till It’s Too Late. Call Now to See if you Qualify for our Cash For Keys Program!

We understand things happen and we have heard it all… But the reality is Once your bank files a Lis Pendens it is only a matter of time until your home is Foreclosed Upon. Don’t wait until it’s too late for help. We understand unexpected things happen in life but the Bank that holds your Mortgage does not.

This is Not Complicated. Keep it Simple. If you are in ‘Pre-foreclosure’ the Bank will Not stop the proceedings… In many cases they won’t even talk with you anymore… We can talk with the banks on your behalf and pay off your debt. We can STOP The Foreclosure on your home today.

We are experts in Pre Foreclosoure & Short Sales. We are CASH Buyers and if we do not Buy Your Home In Cash we can help sell your home, pay off your bank, get you back ANY Equity you have in the home! We pay the Bank for you. We deal with the Bank the lawyers and we even have a turn key concierge moving service so once you are free from your Pre Foreclosure we come and move you.

Turn Key 360 Degree Solution to StopForeclosure. Once we negotiate with your Mortgage Bank and they are satisfied getting all their money back… We help you move to your new home!

We come pack you up and truck all of your belongings to your new home with your head held high. No more stress from the bank. No more worrying when that next knock on the door will come because you took action and Stopped your own Foreclosure. We can’t do it without you so call today.

If you qualify for our No Cost-No Obligation program we will help. If we can help, we will help. We are a compassionate team of Cash Buyers and Investors who stand up for your rights.

Got Lis Pendens?
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Got a Tax Lien Filed Against You?
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We understand how stressful the unknown is. We understand your feel Helpless against the Mortgage Bank who filed the Judgement against your property.

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